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The experts at Tuscan Pool Supply are more than happy to share their advice to clients and customers. If you have a pool or spa question, or you want to make an appointment for pool cleaning or maintenance, call us. We can usually have your pool serviced within a week, except at peak times (spring and late fall). We also offer free water testing to make sure your pool or spa is in peak condition for your relaxation and enjoyment. Take the worry out of cleaning and maintaining your pool or spa. Let the professionals at Tuscan Pool Supply do the work for you.

At Tuscan Pool Supply, our client satisfaction is our primary concern. We aim to provide incomparable products and services, with a commitment to becoming a top company in the industry. We work hard to make sure we always satisfy your needs. Our dedication to excellence shows through in everything we do. Our longstanding connection to the community allows us to link you with experts in our area to make sure that if there is a job you need done, and it’s outside our scope, we can refer you to a trusted professional to do the work for you.

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